jueves, 6 de junio de 2013

Video Debut ¨Castaways: A Coconut´s Tale¨

With Federico we have decided what would be the video debut for Talos Animations, and we agreed that we should start finishing his assignment together. Basically we are not working from scratch but with something already started. The puppets are the very first puppets made by Federico, and the story is based on a storyboard he made back before we met. It would be an ideal story for experimentation purposes on how to tell a story. Now, with that said, you all can understand the animation won´t be splendid, but a big deal of experimentation and the best way for us to warm-up, so to speak, learning how to work together as a team, and preparing ourselves for what would be next.

I should clarify too that we are working simultaneously with a rather ellaborated project. Indeed, we were this impatient that we begun working for the serious film, but we take turns every now and then for each project.

Here is the storyboard made by Federico, which shows all the shots that will be taken during the film.

Creating the Logo

In every story you start with chapter one, but even before don't you have a title First to look at? Right.

When we came up with the idea of making a team production, we wanted to make something unique and not just stay with an abstract idea that could be then forgotten. So, first things first, I said to myself, and later to Fede, of course. Even though we both meditated about the logo, he offered me the job of logo designer, which I gladly accepted. 

Aside note: I know many small companies don't start out making their own logo, and put priority on other things. Or so it seems to be the case, until they become more popular. I've seen this very often, not sure to what extend it helps or not. Thing is, this is not Talos case. We are aiming big, and we care about details, aesthetics, and qualityI -as they could certainly be the pillars of our production, and that could actually work a slogan! In my opinion, if you ever aim big, then every step you make must shown that sense of big in you. Needless to say, not just because I had some sleepless nights just just thinking as many ways considering a possible logo. Yes, I went quite obsessive, I daresay (and there is a lot about that in me)...but trust me, in the end there were no regrets.  

I must give credits to Fede who helped me with criteria every time I had a new sketch to present. We started brainstorming all different concepts I had in mind. It was not so simple to think what could fit in for such ancient God as Talos. I was looking for something meaningful, not so extravagant. And I have this tendency of exagerattion on edges, which made me draw some big deal of T's that only one was approbed. And that one format was later turned upside down to convince me. A whole night just combining styles. Indeed, entertaining, but tiring all at once. 

Here are some initial designs sketching heads of the original Talos, taken from the puppet animated by Ray Harryhausen. I used this as an starting point while lacking of original ideas. Showing the face of Talos as part of the symbol was discarded (at least for now) and we focused more on the font. It doesn't mean a Talos face could be used in future improvements for the logo. Definitely an idea to keep for later. 

domingo, 2 de junio de 2013

How It all Began

A New Age Dawn

Daniel Gorosito & Federico Boero · Talos
It was early in the year of 2013 when Daniel (a.k.a. Metalmadcat) was currently launching a stop motion workshop all by himself. Dan's goal was reaching local people around the area to let them discover the art of stop motion animation, and or encourage those who may already be aware about this medium. Promoting was easily spread, and it did not take too long to be heard, yet few were interested and would later resign his offer of taking the course. Even though, it all seemed a bit frustrating, Dan would not give up on his goal, and was determined to keep up.

By middle of April,  Dan receives a message from someone asking for advice for a stop motion project. It was Federico Boero, (and the very first time they contact each other) -his assignment had to get done before the end of July. Federico was currently attending at Leonardo Da Vinci University, located in Buenos Aires, and he was in his last year studying a major in Film and Animation, more oriented towards 3D modeling. As some questions were more complex than others, Dan suggest the possibility for Fede to become his apprentice, and he accepts right away the same month. Both start to explore as many segments as possible. According to Federico, not even his professor was teaching him more than what he had learned in just one month. Quickly Federico develops a big admiration towards stop motion and realize he was aiming so much more than than just getting an "assignment due". As the month was over, he had two wire puppets completed and ready to be animated. Then he rapidly noticed all pros and cons on the way the were created, and this brought more questions for him to ask, and enough reasons for him to think there would be more puppets and stories along the way to keep improving. By May, Federico considers his assignment no longer an assignment but a functional film worth as the basis for setting up a collaborative production. This is how Dan and Fede decided to team up from that point forward to create films. Now as colleagues: Federico with a background directing, skills in 3D modeling and animation, and post-production, and Dan with his background in traditional drawing, logo design, and a most inspiring passion in stop motion animation. This is exactly how Talos was Born.

The following are questions you might have beyond the stated facts.

What is Talos?

Talos™ is a company oriented towards the world of animation and creative solutions. We cover all fields of animation, such as traditional 2D animation, CGI 3D digital animation, and the art of Stop Motion animation.

When was Talos really founded? 

Since Federico and Daniel met, might be when Talos began. But it was in middle April, more precisely 18th of April of 2013.

Why Talos?

Talos derived from the Greek God Talos, from the crete Island who is meant to protected. But, for those into animation, Talos also comes from the fantastic Puppet developed by Ray Harryhausen, on one of his films. And just as crete needed a warrior to protect them from evil outsiders in the past, we also wanted something as strong as symbolic to protect us from evil numbness, and lead our artistic identity. Thus, in this sense, we borrow this word, and baptize our production under this name.

Where is Talos located?
Talos Studios is currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Whose are behind Talos, exactly?

Technical Information about Dan and Fede

Dan: Also known as Metalmadcat: This person was raised in Argentina, but received an education in the United States of America, initially at Lake Braddock High School (VA) - then, continued and graduated from Robinson High School. There he became a fluent English Speaker. 

During these same years he was awarded three times, consecutively, at The Technology and The Arts Competition Sponsored by SAIC. 

In 2007 he won 1st place with his Animation "Porteña Science". 
In 2008 he won 2nd place with his animation "Unusual Union". 
In 2009 he won 1st place with his animation "Spontaneous Overflow", plus one honorable mention at his animation made all in clay "Worm Winsky". 

Later on, he submitted a new animation to participate at Clifton Film Festival in 2010, where he won "People Choice Award" and "Best Special Effects" with his animation "No Time To Lose". 

Dan has also contributed voluntarily at local newspapers as a cartoonist and illustrator, and designed comic strips, among them: Louie the Single Man, and "That Immigrant Dude". He has also participated at exhibitions showing his rather obscure art made in acryclics, charcoal, and oil pastel, which he define as "insagna" pieces.  
Despite all circumstances, it is only that endless passion for visual arts that what keeps his spirit artistically active at all times. Even though is visible that Dan carries a strong-chaotic-like tendency oriented to hand-drawn surreal animation, he does enjoy and accept animations of all kinds anyway. And he is open to the idea of combining them all, if possible.

Federico Boero: Fede has worked for some years as a freelancer making animations and web design for his clients, he specializes in 3D animation and modeling. He was raised in Argentina, and speaks both English and Spanish, loves animation in general, along with video games. Currently, he is attending at Leonardo Da Vinci University, located in Buenos Aires Argentina.